Separation anxiety is a common problem we see and support owners with. Many dogs develop anxieties about being left alone that can really effect our lives causing us to change plans in order to cater to our dogs needs.

Dog separation anxiety

We all love our dogs and it is our duty to them to teach them how to be happy with their own company and have confidence to be alone.

Many dogs brought up through lock down have never had to be away from their owners which is where many problems have stemmed from but is not the only cause.

With our separation anxiety package we come to your home and take a holistic view of everything going on in our dogs lives and look at the root cause of the problem. We then work on training and behaviour modification rather than offer management strategies that never resolve the issue.

Separation Anxiety Package includes

  • Home visit that lasts up to 3 hours depending on how the session goes. (this may be split into two visits if that is better for the dog)
  • Training to start to resolve the issue
  • A written behaviour modification plan to refer to after the session and continue the training. (written after the visit)
  • We encourage the owners to check in after a week to ensure the training is going well and offer support if needed.


Let us help you have a more confident dog that can be left alone when required with you safe in the knowledge your four legged friend is happy.

Happy dog left alone

Start your journey to a happier dog and book in today.