Solo Dog Walking

We provide solo dog walking where we pop in and take your dog out for some 1 on 1 quality time for an hours walk from your home.

dog walking in suffolk

These walks are a great way to break up your dogs day whilst you’re at work. Many dogs do not thrive in the day care scenarios so this may be the solution for you.

£20 / hour

Dog training walk

Our dog training walks are a bespoke service we offer our clients.

Instead of going on a walk purely for exercise our training walks are more focused around working on problem areas your dog experiences, such as pulling on the lead or recall.

Training is much more mentally tiring for your dog than your average walk and not only that we can begin to help you work on problems you are experiencing with your dog.

Dog training in suffolk

Before any training walk without owner we do insist on an initial consultation with owners and the dog in their home to discuss any problem areas and allow us to get to know you and your dog a little better.

You will receive a report from every training walk on what we have covered and highlight areas you can continue to progress. We will also take videos and photos where suitable.

£40 / hour