Nicci is an accredited Detector Dogs Scentwork Instructor and runs various workshops/courses and 1:2:1s throughout the year.

Scentwork will help build trust and a bond between you and your dog and teach you to work together as a team. It will teach your dog to search for a specific scent, demonstrate an active indication meaning that they can go ahead and take the find giving them instant rewards. It will teach you how to read your dog’s body language and support them with locating the find.

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Scentwork is a fun and mentally stimulating skill that hones what dogs love to do already. It benefits dogs of any age or ability and, as with all our training, we train the individual dog in front of us tailoring to specific needs, always setting each dog up for success.

Scentwork isn’t too physically demanding for owners so is a great activity for you to do with your dog if you are less mobile.

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