In this post I will be talking about secure dog fields near me in Suffolk and they are a fabulous resource for people with a large variety of dogs.

So firstly what is a secure dog field?

Secure dog fields come in many different shapes and size with varying amounts of equipment in them.

But quite simply they are a secure safe area that you can exercise your dog safe in the knowledge that they cannot run off and that you will not encounter other dogs or animals.

secure dog training in suffolk
Gracie enjoying Murfield Meadow to the full

Who would need to use a secure dog field?

Secure dog fields are used by people and their dogs for numerous reasons.

  1. For training in a safe environment so that if things don’t go to plan you know your dog will not run into danger for example a road.
  2. For reactive dogs that in normal circumstance owners cannot let off the lead through fear they may harm another dog/person. The field gives the dog a chance to run freely and enjoy itself.
  3. Pet photographer use them as again there are no interruptions from outside factors when trying to take photos.
  4. People use them as a place to meet and let their dogs have some free time together, in the past I have photographed puppy reunions held in secure dog fields so the litter can all meet up in a safe place.
  5. Some dog fields have agility and other equipment in so you can introduce you can have some fun with your dog and try new activities. Just be mindful dogs under the age of 1 years should not be doing too much jumping around on their developing joints.

The list of uses is really endless as everyone will make use of them in different ways but they are definitely a valued resource to have in your area.

Dog trainer suffolk
Dogs just wanna have fun

Some of the secure dog fields local to me

Murfield Meadow

Murfield Meadow is a secure dog exercise field, available for exclusive use and enabling your canine companions to enjoy off lead freedom and fun! The field measures approximately 2.5 acres and is enclosed by 1.9 metre deer fencing.  We are situated on the outskirts of Hadleigh in a quiet, picturesque environment.

Suffolk Run Free

• 6 acres of meadows, trees, ditches and small wooded copse
• 6ft high fencing • Dog paddling pool • Toy box • Drinkers

The Dog Orchard

The Dog Orchard field is a 2.5 acre area of apple orchard and grassland with a dog secure 1.8 m high fence surrounding the field. It is the perfect place to allow your dog to exercise freely off the lead without the worry of them running off or meeting other dogs. With a mixture of apple orchard and grassland in a parkland style landscape it is a pleasure to walk through for both you and your dog. There is also a shelter with views across the field and orchards, which provides a great place to sit down, relax and watch your dogs enjoy the environment. It also provides shelter from sudden showers.

The dog orchard is one of the venues we use for our gundog training courses.


The field is a fully secure 3 acre grassy area, complete with a 5ft dog-proof fence including a secure car park, so that you and your dog are safe, all of the time whilst at Walkies. The field has a water splash and lots of obstacles for you all to enjoy. There is a little shelter, complete with a bench inside to relax or shelter from the weather, for human and/ or dog use. We also have a drinking water station suitable for dogs and their humans.

Walkies field is one of the venues we use for our gundog training courses.

Dog Play Centre

We are open 7am till 7pm Monday – Friday, (excluding bank holidays). All other times are by appointment only. The centre is available for hire most weekday evenings and weekends so keep an eye on what’s happening and Facebook pages.

Suffolk recall training
Recall practice

If you live outside of Suffolk you can use this handy website to find a dog field near you

Dog Parks near me

Find your nearest dog exercise park or field that allows your dog to run free in a safe secure environment. 

How secure fields can be used in your training

Secure fields offer a safe place to do some training with your dog. Many of our clients are often scared to let their dogs off lead as they don’t trust that their recall will work. The secure fields are great for giving people the confidence to test their skills in a safe environment.

If you would like to book a 1:2:1 whether thats in a secure dog field or a location of your choice, then get in touch today.

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