teach your dog to recall suffolk
  1. Build a strong bond with your dog. You are the most important thing to them
  2. Your verbal recall command should be the dog’s name and then the command, e.g. “Willow, Come!” Always use a consistent command and do not keep repeating it if your dog ignores you the first time, do something about it to help your dog succeed. All you do by repeating a failed command is teach the dog that it doesn’t need to be listened to.
  3. Use a high value reward (treats or play) to build up a pattern of behaviour for recall that you want the dog to do.
  4. Slowly increase the distance you expect the dog to recall back to you, as well as the levels of distraction around your dog.
  5. Have an invisible perimeter ‘bubble’ around you and don’t let your dog stray further than the bubble limits
  6. Use recall, check-ins, hunting and retrieving as techniques to keep your dog within the bubble perimeter limits
  7. Use a long line if your dog is struggling to return to you and go back to basics
  8. Make sure you have a ‘happy face’ when your dog returns (whatever they’ve been up to!)
  9. Continue to train recall with a long line until you are confident the dog will return
  10. Always set your dog up for success. Do not except your dog to recall from something super exciting in a new place when the behaviour has not been fully proofed in many locations and scenarios. In these instances use your long line or move to a lower distraction area to ensure your dog doesn’t fail.

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