UK Dog Sport is a relatively new dog sport that is the brain child of Wendy Beasley. Encouraging pet dog owners to get involved in a developing sport and have fun training and competing.

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What is UK Dog Sport?

From UK Dog Sport

“UK Dog Sport is not a substitute for Working Trials and it is not expected to replace WT in any way. The object is to give people something to do more locally, with worthwhile standards and qualifications, to either run alongside their working trials or to act as a stepping stone into working trials for those who wish to go on. It also offers an alternative for those that would like to do trials but who’s dogs cannot cope with the Agility or have retired from Working Trials but are still keen to work.

UK Dog Sport will not be registered or affiliated to the Kennel Club but will be run according to the levels and guidance set out in the Regulations by enthusiasts who want to try something new.

UK Dog Sport has been designed to allow competitions to take place all over the country hosted by individuals or societies without the need of vast amounts of land. While it is acknowledged that most trialists enjoy tracking, this is readily available to them via the UK Tracking Dog Association, and there might be a case at some time in the future for seeing if these two sports could complement each other with dual qualifications for those who do both sports. However, that is for the future and would need agreement on both sides. For now getting this off the ground is the first task. The Regulations and the Levels themselves are open to adjustment, alteration or amendment as agreed by those taking part, running or otherwise involved until the Sport is on a firm level with all round agreement.”

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What is involved?

UK Dog Sport is split into 6 different levels of competition foundation, beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced and expert. Each level has there own criteria of what is required. Involving control (heelwork, stay, retrieve, send away, speak), searching, and agility (A frame, tunnel and jump). At expert level there is also detection and search and rescue.

At competitions despite there being placings most people are competing to get qualifications at their chosen level. Depending on your score you can get qualified of excellent. These qualifications are for your dog.

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Where can you train for UK Dog Sport

There are several places across the UK that are offering training for UK Dog Sport and more information can be found at the UK Dog Sport facebook page.

We offer both 121 training for UKDS and group courses (check out our website for more information)

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